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Is That a TV Nook in This Back Bay Cathedral?

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Curbed Boston's Amenity Watch sees the trends in interior design and architecture coming so you don't have to.

This 2-BR, 2-BA condo in the Back Bay borderlands of SoBaBa hit the market earlier this month, redone by contemporary concern Italian Design "from fixtures to furniture," according to the listing (indeed, the bathroom looks like something straight out of a four-star hotel in Milan, or so we hear; and the ceilings, for that matter, remind one of that city's Galleria). But check out the living room. See the TV above the fireplace? It doesn't look like it's there solely for staging (a controversial practice here at Curbed Boston). It really looks like it's perched in a nook specifically carved for a flat-screen. Are we wrong? No, never, right?

· Listing: 221 Columbus Avenue [Zillow]

221 Columbus Avenue

221 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA