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Sullivan Courthouse Designs; No Bank for Charles St. Market

EAST CAMBRIDGE—Renderings are out for the old Sullivan Courthouse (and current jail) as are some details: "construction could be complete in a decade; developers are leaning mostly toward rental space, rather than to condominiums; one company plans to take off the top four floors of the 22-story building, as suggested by several residents; another has incorporated 15,000 square feet of open space into its design; others mentioned grocery store space and reduced-rate parking for neighbors; and all say they have financing and are united in swearing off lab space entirely as 'inappropriate' for the space." Above is one prospective design that would give the illusion of ripples. [Cambridge Day]

BEACON HILL—Remember that tide of bank branches? It's turned a bit. That is, a Capital One Bank will not replace the Charles Street Market. "Friday afternoon, Suzanne Besser, executive director of the Beacon Hill Civic Association, sent out an email thanking neighbors for their support: 'We cannot thank the community enough for its unprecedented show of support and unity from the day we first learned about the proposed use of the property until now. And, it looks like our efforts really paid off. By working together we all made this happen.'" [Patch]

Charles Street Market

Charles Street, Boston, MA 02108

Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse

Thorndike Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141