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Michael Schlow on Tico's First Year; a T.V. Victory

And, now, the weekly word from Eater Boston, who never goes to the bathroom when the check comes.

BACK BAY—For the latest installment of the One Year In series, Eater speaks with Tico chef-owner Michael Schlow about the restaurant's first 365 days. The opening went smoothly, and it turned out the bar wasn't slow, just busy, making 600 margaritas in one night.
FANEUIL HALL—Though Todd English's PR insists that Kingfish Hall is doing fine, an anonymous source (via restaurant critic MC Slim JB) tells Eater that things are dire. Rumors of a lawsuit and bounced checks suggest that the hours may not have been cut simply because of the slow season.
TV LANDL'Espalier sous chef Mike Bergin destroyed the competition on the cooking-themed episode of the ABC show The Big Time. Boston was well represented as Bergin kept cool through a series of frenzied challenges including a night of running Hubert Keller's Vegas restaurant Fleur.
CAMBRIDGE—After just ten months, The Floating Rock Restaurant in Central Square has floated into oblivion. The Cambodian restaurant had migrated from Revere, but by the somber tone of a Facebook post announcing the closure, it doesn't sound like it plans to appear anywhere ever again.