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Big Reveal: the Somerville 3-BR in Redone Victorian

And, now, the results of last week's PriceSpotter asking-price guessing game.

Where: 165 Highland Avenue, #1
Price: $549,000
The Skinny: This 3-BR, 3-BA in a redone Somerville Victorian was the first PriceSpotter in Curbed Boston history to garner a guess for monthly rent ($3,450), which is perfectly fine. It also drew the usual stabs at the actual asking price, though with most aiming well short. One of you even offered what we thought was a rather astute formula that included criteria like "Unit is in Somerville not Cambridge: Minus $100,000" and "Actual third bathroom? Plus $10,000." We should note, too, that the listing seems to have disappeared since we first put it out there last mid-week. We thought it might reappear over the weekend, but it doesn't look like it. Has someone sprung at the $549K asking?

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162 Highland Avenue

162 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA