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Lime Street 5-BR On Sale for First Time in 40+ Years

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The first thing you should know about this 5-BR, 5.5-BA townhouse at Lime and Brimmer streets is that the same owners have lived there since the early days of the White administration. The second thing is that its interior was designed by the late, great David Nightingale Hicks, whose approach The New York Times summed up like this in a 1998 obituary: "Mr. Hicks's heady combination of bold antiques and modern furniture set off by abstract paintings, often best deployed within an envelope of cool Georgian architecture, was the last word among movers and shakers of the 1960s, like the beauty products tycoon Vidal Sassoon." You get all that browsing the listing photos for 36 Lime. The third thing you should know is that the townhouse, on the market now less than a week, is asking $6,950,000.

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36 Lime Street

36 Lime Street, Boston, MA