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The Hub's Ugly Bits; Boston Condo Stats; More!

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BOSTON—"One more thing: the Boston gig's been canceled. I wouldn't worry about it, though, it's not a big college town." — Ian Faith in This Is Spinal Tap. Well, not as big as Paris and London, apparently. [Atlantic Cities]
BOSTON—More housing stats! "The latest S&P / Case Shiller real estate index is out and it shows that the average condominium price in Greater Boston dropped 1.8% in December 2011 when compared to the month earlier. Condominium prices remain 53% higher than they were in January 2000." [Condo News]

HUB-WIDE—Finally, a blog to chronicle the ugly bits: "These neglected places are everywhere in our landscape. They are areas that all have potential to be something more beautiful but currently fail. ... There are thousands of these drab spaces and places. The square footage is massive. They add up to something blanker and uglier than the sum of their parts." [The Hub]