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Batali Insults Local Pizzeria, the Updated Heat Map

And, now, a word from our trencherman cousin Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—This week Eater updated the Boston Heat Map, your guide for where to eat right now! The latest sizzling additions include Kika Tapas in Kendall Square, Dosa Temple in Somerville, Brick & Mortar in Central Square and the brand spankin' new Lone Star Taco Bar in Allson.

HARVARD SQUARE—In a pizza-themed retelling of David and Goliath, food world giant Mario Batali hurled down some pretty nasty insults at little Otto Pizza, which has locations in Portland, ME and Cambridge. Batali was outraged over coincidences between Otto and one of his own restaurants, which is also called Otto.

JAMAICA PLAINTen Tables proprietor Krista Kranyak shared photos via Facebook of the newly renovated space that is about to become Grass Fed, a burger bar. The pics include a peek at the menu, which includes an American cheese cheeseburger and a burger topped with fried oysters. Surf n' turf!

SOUTH ENDRocca will now become Cinquecento, a new restaurant run by the restaurateurs at the Aquitaine Group. The Globe Magazine ran a surprisingly thorough story on the new plans for the space and didn't bother to veil its skepticism about the venture.