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Kenmore Square Closed for Super Bowl; T Cuts Hit MBTA GM

MEDFORD—Acting MBTA GM Jonathan Davis would lose his preferred commute should the authority's proposed cuts go through: "[The] plan would kill the 326 express bus from Medford that Davis rides daily ... 'As a rider, it doesn’t make me feel very good, because I use it to get to work every day,' Davis said..." [JP Gazette]

KENMORE—Don't even think about partying on Kenmore Square this Sunday: "Boston police will shut Kenmore to all pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic after the game’s third quarter 'with no exceptions,' says Captain Robert Molloy of the Boston University Police Department. BUPD officers will assist in policing the square and will also deploy four-cop teams to West Campus, South Campus, Bay State Road, and the area around Marsh Plaza and the George Sherman Union." [BU Today]