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We See You Planning Book Parties for This Cambridge Loft

Open House Crystal Ball is Curbed Boston's forward-looking feature on the Hub's more fabulous apartment showings. Got a suggestion? Email the tipline.

Where/when: 1365 Cambridge Street #3, on Sunday from 12-2
Price: $579,000
Square Footage: 1,347
The Skinny: Off Inman Square in Cambridge sits a 2-BR, 2-BA duplex so airy, and with so much exposed brick and wood, that it calls out for the next owner to host wine tastings or book parties, or book parties for people who write books about how to taste wine (such people exist in our very own Hub). Broker Charles Cherney, he of the magnificent Cambridge neighborhood map, will host the open house and made the funky video above.

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1365 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA