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Charlestown vs. Boston; T After Dark; Southie Show Stopper

CHARLESTOWN—Matt M. Casey has comparative housing data for Charlestown in 2011: "Out of 12 major Boston neighborhoods, Charlestown was the fifth least expensive, and fourth least expensive on a per-square foot basis." [Patch]
SOUTH BOSTON—That Jersey Shore show in Southie? It's got troubles: "495 Productions, the company behind the projected eight-episode series, has not applied for permits to film in the city, according to Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s office." Besides, locals "are closing ranks" against it. [Herald]

HUB-WIDE—Ever wonder what the MBTA does late at night? Us neither. But there's a documentary on it coming out: "The mini-movie, 'Boston Under: After Hours,' follows workers around from 1:30 a.m. until 5 a.m., over the span of several months, while they conduct emergency maintenance work and tend to track repairs." [Metro]