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Mass. Foreclosures; Beacon Hill Schools; Apartment Advice

BEACON HILL—A theory as to why so few Beacon Hill kids attend public schools: "Of the Hill's 399 students in the 2008-09 school year, only 74 attended public schools. The reason, many in the neighborhood say, is that there aren't enough seats in the public schools closest to Beacon Hill. There are no public schools on Beacon Hill." [Patch]

MASS-WIDE—Foreclosures bounced last month: "The volume of foreclosure petitions in the Bay State increased more than 68 percent in January, rising to 1,333, up from 793 in January 2011, according to The Warren Group. ... Petitions, which mark the first step in the foreclosure process, fell in all but two months last year." [Biz Journal]
BOSTON—How do you get an apartment? Show up, throw money around: "You can safely assume that if you find a place you like, you should sign a lease yesterday." [BostInno]