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Big Development Doings on the South End-Chinatown Border

Spurred by new zoning that allows for taller buildings and by a redevelopment of the old Boston Herald HQ that will create 475 apartments with 80,000 square feet of retail, that somewhat nebulous industrial area where I-93 meets the MassPike in the South End is set to see some serious construction. Here's the skinny on plans both tentative and concrete (heh):

· The Ink Block
This was the game-changer, the tipping point, the insert your last airport read here. The newspaper relocated to the Seaport District earlier in the year, leaving 6 acres behind for the development that will include a grocery store.

· 345 Harrison Avenue
Directly across from the future Ink Block, this 2-acre site is slated to become a mix of apartments, ground-floor restaurants and shops.

· 275 Albany Street
This was originally supposed to be two hotels, but developer Normandy Real Estate said the market can't support both. So one building may be 16 floors of apartments while the other is an extended-stay hotel expected to be completed in 2013.

· 1000 Washington Street
This is redeveloped office space that has been almost entirely leased by public and private tenants.

· 1115 Washington Street
Now occupied by a service station and a parking lot, it's supposed to become a mix of apartments and retail.

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275 Albany Street

275 Albany Street, Boston, MA

1000 Washington Street

1000 Waterfront Street, Boston, MA

The Ink Block

Harrison Avenue and Herald Street, boston, Ma