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Get the Lead Out: AG Coakley Cracks Down on Newton Landlord

Meet Keith L. Miller of Newton. He's a lawyer and the landlord of 24 apartments in Chelsea, Newton, Brighton and Arlington. State AG Martha Coakley has ordered him to notify her office of any evictions he initiates against his tenants from now on. Seems Miller has a penchant for indifference in the face of repairs. Some alleged cases in point, according to Brock Parker of

... Miller moved to evict tenants on Bacon Street in Newton after they gave birth to children because he was obligated to delead their apartments. ... Miller moved to evict a tenant on Park Street in Chelsea who requested a lead paint inspection by the Department of Public Health. The inspection ultimately found violations in the apartment, according to Coakley’s office. ....

[A]fter an Hispanic tenant at one of Miller’s apartment’s on Park Street in Chelsea requested a health code inspection, Miller allegedly made inquires and made threatening comments about the tenant’s immigration status, according to Coakley’s office.

Miller's attorney calls the allegations "categorically untrue." A trial date has not been set.

· Court Orders Newton Man to Stop Retaliating Against His Tenants []