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Google Searches for Support for Kendall Square Expansion

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As Boston pols and private developers go hard for a Google itching to expand, the Internet hegemon last night pitched its 25,000-square-foot Kendall Square expansion plan anew to a group of skeptical Cantabrigians (is there any other kind?). Scott Vinter, who heads the local Google office, told the group: "You have a community, and you have people who are passionate about what that community looks like. This is why we’re here."

The Cantabrigians were unimpressed with Google's offer to replace the parkland to be gobbled by the expansion with... more parkland: "'That’s not a fair trade,' said Heather Hoffman of Cambridge. 'Kendall Square is a collection of ugly and hideous except for a couple of things, and [the garden] is one of them.'"

Meanwhile, The Globe's editorial board told the city to get over itself and let the giant build not only its HQ but the new parkland as well.

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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

5 Cambridge Center

5 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA