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Blackout Post-Mortem II: As the Lights Came Back On in Boston

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The latest on the apparently slow slog back from the Great Blackout of '12.

First, the Good News
Power is supposed to be back on everywhere now, including the Pru (and the manhole explosions appear to have stopped). Though, for a while there yesterday, Nstar's pronouncements about power restorations didn't always gibe with reality: "On West Newton Street, after NStar announced that power had returned, Michael Paldino said his home still did not have electricity. 'It’s one thing if they’re trying as hard as they can, but to say the power is back on is completely unacceptable,' Paldino said." [Globe]

Lovely Rita
Parking meters apparently never stopped working nor did those who monitor them: "The city’s meters run on batteries re-charged through mini solar panels, which left them the lone operational machines in the otherwise powerless Back Bay." And now you know. [Herald]

Nstar said it did all it could as quickly as it could, but pols are still P.O.'d: "Mayor Thomas M. Menino, unwilling to take the assurances of Nstar officials, said he was 'frustrated' by the blackout and is creating a panel of energy experts to review the incident." [Herald]

Disbelief, Days 2 and 3
Bostonians continue to struggle to make sense of such a large outage: "'It’s kind of ironic, because you hear about power outages in rural areas because of the winter storms, but this winter we had none of that, and then the big outage is in the city,' said Selina Fernandez, 32, of Malden, on a mid-afternoon lunch break." [Globe]

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