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Who Rides the T and Why; Latest Back Bay Condo Stats

HUB-WIDE—Who rides the T and who will struggle most with any fare hikes? Guess. "[N]early 40 percent of MBTA riders have a household income less than $40,000, and 17 percent have a household income less than $20,000. This means that 40 percent of riders are already struggling financially. Increasing the cost of transit means people will have to choose something else to cut out of their budget, like groceries, child care, health care or utilities." [BostInno]
BACK BAY—O.K., let's drill down into the neighborhood's condo market for the last three months: There were 91 sales total at an average price of $1,185,345 and a median price of $780,000. The average sales price per square foot was $814, and the average listing spent 111 days on the market. There. [Real Estate Blog]