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2-BR in Allegedly Desperate 45 Province Ups Price $50K

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The 137 condos in the luxury tower 45 Province are supposedly so difficult to sell that nearly half remain available three years after sales started. The reasons, according to brokers? It's not Back Bay. The old Filene's site sits empty right nearby (for a while longer at least). Finally, the prices in 45 Province are said to be too damn high given the location. Studios can start at a Manhattan-esque $475,000, and larger units can run into the millions. Well, this particular 2-BR, 2-BA thinks the prices are not high enough—it upped its tag by $50K late last month to $1,099,000. With 966 square feet, that's about $1,137 per square foot. Thoughts?

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Residences At 45 Province

45 Province Street, Boston, MA 02108

Old Filene's Site

426 Washington Street, Boston, MA