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$350K in Roslindale: 3-BR Single-Family w/ Optional AstroTurf

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Where: 2 Woodbourne Road
Price: $347,000
Sale Date: Feb. 1
Square Footage: 1,380
The Skinny: The adjective that leaped to our mind when we saw the listing photos for this Roslindale 3-BR, 1.5-BA was "neat." Then we thought it looked invitingly quaint, like the home someone's grand-aunt bought just when the war started. Lo and behold, the house actually dates from 1941, and appears to have seen its fair share of ribbon candy and plastic on the furniture. Besides that, the original woodworking remains and there is a sunroom with green carpeting the texture of churned AstroTurf.

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2 Woodbourne Road

2 Woodbourne Road, Boston, MA