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Somerville's Newest Yoga Studio Holds Key to Hub Development

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Yesterday we posited that higher gas prices could only be a boon to downtown Boston neighborhoods. People would prefer to walk or to train it to work rather than lean on their cars from farther out in the 'burbs. Well, there's a flip side to that: living near a T stop. And not just happening to live near one, but living in a development specifically angled around it. Maxwell's Green in Somerville is on 5.5 acres near the Red Line stop at Porter Square. And! If it ever does happen, it will be smackdab next to the extended Green Line's Lowell Street station. It's no accident: the developer, Gate Residential, hails the 184-unit building as "Somerville's newest and innovative transit-oriented residential development."

It's supposed to be ready for tenants in September, joining a slew of new or planned apartments in the Hub that may or may not soften rents a tad (probably may not). The key thing here, we think, is that it will not only offer an easier commute, but also the sorts of amenities you would expect in a downtown Boston building miles away: a gym, a theater room, a club with a chef's kitchen, even a yoga studio. Amenities are the new amenity in this brave new transit world.

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Maxwell's Green

Lowell Street, Somerville, MA