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Condo Smoking Bans in the Hub: 23 and Counting

The biggest condo complex in Boston has gotten in on the smoking-ban craze. In an overwhelming vote, the owners in the twin-tier, 624-unit Harbor Towers off East India Row have banned smoking. The ban affects common areas and areas immediately outside the complex; current residents who smoke were grandfathered in under the vote. Harbor Towers is the 23rd condo association in Suffolk County to enact a smoking ban in the past two years, per Kay Lazar in The Globe.

The tony Residences at the Ritz-Carlton were the trendsetters amongst bigger condos. Last September, the 132-unit north high-rise went smoke-free. The 63-unit low-rise next to it followed suit a few months later. There were no grandfather clauses there—just a warning, followed by a $500 fine for the second time, and then court for the third strike.

· Largest Condo Complex Smoke Free [Globe]

Harbor Towers

65 East India Row, Boston, Massachusetts 02110