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Feedback on T Cuts, Fare Hikes; That Magic Cat in Back Bay

HUB-WIDE—The MBTA is out with an analysis of the feedback it got on fare hikes and service cuts. Guess what? No one likes them! (Or very few do.) Above, a breakdown from just the comments from public hearings. [BostInno]
BACK BAY—This happened, a reminder about closing your windows, etc.: "Her name is Sugar, a white ball of fluff that survived a fall from her owner’s window on the 19th floor of a Storrow Drive high rise. 'I look out my window all the time and I think, "Wow, this is really high,"' says Sugar’s owner, Brittany Kirk. She believes in the old saying about nine lives. 'I think she probably used one or two or maybe eight.'" [CBS Local]