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The Big Details on Brighton's Big New Balance Project

Details aplenty are out re: the New Balance Landing project in Brighton, thanks to a filing yesterday with the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Here's the gist and why it matters:

· There will be four buildings along Guest Street.
· These will include a new, 250,000-square-foot world headquarters and a 175-room hotel rising as high as 20 stories.
· There would be 650,000 square feet of office space on an almost 10-acre site along the Mass Pike.
· And there is supposed be a 345,000-square-foot sports complex with ice rink and track across Guest.
· Amongst it all would be 65,000 square feet of restaurant, retail and service space.
· And, underneath it all, 1,750 parking spaces.

More important than the scope, however, is the very existence of the project, the biggest new development in Brighton. It's like it's got its very own Fenway Center, minus the apartments!

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[HQ on the right, hotel on the left]

New Balance Landing

Guest Street, Boston, MA