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A New Museum Along the Greenway?; More!

HUB-WIDE—John Keith on the risk of suburban decay hereabouts: "In a perfect world, the demographic shift currently underway, where long-term residents of the Bay State move south and west, would mean lower housing prices for those who remain (and, for those who move here, post-college) but we have too much of the 'wrong' type of housing—single-family homes in post-industrial cities such as Peabody, Lynn, Fall River, Lowell, and, further west, Springfield and Pittsfield." [Patch]

DOWNTOWN—Bids are in to build out the state-owned Parcel 9 near Faneuil Hall: "Four developers submitted bids Friday ... with one proposing a museum focused on the city’s history and three others pitching mixed-use buildings with residences, retail shops, and a hotel." The state rejected the last round of bids in 2009, so sit tight. []

Parcel 9

Blackstone Street, Boston, MA