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Boston's Secret Parks; Listing-Photo Faux Pas; More!

HUB-WIDE—Good god, people, do you really need to be warned? "Roofs are typically unsafe when they do not have railings, a proper egress or structural integrity. People using decks should also be aware of the load the deck is carrying, including outdoor furniture. As the temperatures increase, so does the risk of a fire started by improper grilling." [Metro]
HUB-WIDE—More reaction to the front-page Globe story on bidding wars, open houses and a general seller's market returning returning to Greater Boston: "[B]idding wars are a complex subject: seasonal phenomena at best, full of smoke and mirror manipulations at worst." [Real Estate Cafe]
HUB-WIDE—How to not have terrible listing photos for the next apartment you rent out. [RentJuice]

EAST BOSTON—Mike Dunphy shoots and scores Boston's best secret parks, including: "Few people ever get over to East Boston unless they either live there or hunting for homemade empanadas. But a ten-minute walk from the Maverick T stop, you’ll find 6.5 acres of park complete with playground, mini amphitheater, and a 600-foot pedestrian promenade leading to spectacular views of downtown Boston (and the best sunsets)." [Time Out]

Fresh Pond Reservation

250 Fresh Pond Parkway, Cambridge, MA

Piers Park

95 Marginal Street, Boston, MA 02128