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Play About Race, Hub Real Estate; Stocks vs. Housing; More!

ARLINGTON—A local playwright has carved a plot out of race and real estate: "[The] Huntington Theatre Company is taking on both in the new production The Luck of the Irish. The drama’s plot is driven by an under-the-radar home buying practice known as ghost buying." [WBUR]
HUB-WIDE—Stocks vs. property. The debate will never, ever end: "What it comes down to is that the rate of return on stocks has, over this particular 40-year period, far outperformed the national median sale price for homes. ... But, if you had bought an average-performing group of stocks on December 31, 1999 and sold on December 31, 2009, you wouldn’t have been so thrilled, losing over 9 percent of your investment in that decade." []

HUB-WIDE—God bless America: "The Finance Committee of the T's Board of Directors was scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss the agency's budget and other matters, but after about 100 or more protesters crowded into the boardroom at the state transportation building, the panel decided it could not get any work done and adjourned the meeting." Fare hikes and service cuts will have to wait a bit. []