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Arts Space at Barry's Corner; Demo at Old Boylston Borders

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BACK BAY—Maybe you can help. A reader writes in re: the former Borders location: "There are construction permits up and evidence of demolition going on after hours. Any idea what's going in there? Morton's was rumored to be moving there, but that may not be the case anymore given the closure of their current Boylston st. location." [Curbed Boston]

ALLSTON—This is back on the front burner, apparently, though both sides have talked about it since 2007: "Harvard professors and Allston residents have expressed support for the construction of an arts and culture center or performing arts space near Barry’s Corner since community members revived discussion about the creation of such a center at a Harvard-Allston Task Force meeting last week." [Crimson]

Barry's Corner

182 Western Avenue, Boston, MA