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Vote for the Most Horrific First-Time Homebuying Experience

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Time to vote for which of our three first-time homebuyer horror stories is the most horrific. Winner here moves on to compete nationally for a $2,500 home store gift cardstandard contests rules apply. The candidates, with links to their stories, are below. Polls close tomorrow.

The Copper Bandit's Victim
A couple years ago I was looking for my first home in Providence, R.I. I looked at dozens and dozens of properties. I focused on multifamilies. I figured that this would be an excellent way to help cover my bills on the property and then invest in my future.

The Optimistic Newlyweds
We scraped together just enough to make the payment, got approved for an FHA loan and put in our offer in April. The offer was accepted and suddenly we were on our way to buying our very first home, and planning a wedding for the following summer.

The Urine-Powered Sauna
Given my aversion to monogrammed whale pants, I decided to venture beyond Beacon Hill where our rental was located and concentrate the search on the South End.

Poll results

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