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Decoded: the Different Meanings of 'Parking' in Boston

It's Rookie Roosts Week 2012, and so our Brokerbabble Glossary continues, wherein we take words or phrases that seem to show up in an unreasonable number of listings (and, um, blogs) and decipher their true meanings. If you have any ideas for us, send them to the super-secret tipline. Today's word: Parking.

It shows up usually at the end of listings seemingly just to titillate: parking. It is a precious commodity, particularly in downtown Boston, where most of the listings are that go out of their way to reference parking. But there are different kinds of parking:

Deeded parking (or deeded parking space): This usually means the space comes with the price of the apartment or house. Be aware that the space can be located near (as in right next to or underneath) the property but also in a different location. Either way, you own the space. Congratulations.

Parking included (or parking space included or garage space included): See above.

Deeded parking available (or deeded parking space available): This means "let's talk" in that the space is not necessarily included in the listing price, but the same seller owns both and wants to maybe strike a deal for the space as well. Some listings might even just say something along those lines: "parking available as a separate sale."

Rented parking available (or rented parking space): This is exactly what it reads like. Someone or something owns a deeded parking space, and is using the possibility of a lease for it to sweeten the home sale. This sometimes comes about when previous owner's of properties hold on to the deeded parking spaces they acquired in property trades from years ago.

Parking (or parking available or parking space): This can mean anything, like an assumption of on-street parking because metered spaces are steps from the front door. Talk this one through—talk this phrase through with the seller; it could be meaningless, it could be the start of something beautiful.

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[David L. Ryan via The Globe]