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Casey Overpass Fight; Chinatown Lease; More!

JAMAICA PLAIN—The debate over turning the Casey Overpass into a series of biker- and pedestrian-friendly surface roads ain't over apparently: "Meanwhile, the Bridging Forest Hills (BFH) group—which includes several members of the DAG—is organizing to build resistance to MassDOT’s choice and possibly delay the project or force MassDOT to create a new design." [Gazette]

CHINATOWN—About that fresh lease at Herald and Washington streets: "Current and former leaders of a Chinatown business and social-service organization are defending a controversial vote this week to offer a new lease to the C-Mart supermarket on property designated for the development of affordable housing." []
BOSTON—Yup, it costs a lot to park here: "Cities reporting the highest average maximum daily rates in North America were Boston, Toronto, and Portland. Boston ranked highest with a maximum valet 24-hour parking rate of $43." [National Parking Association - PDF]

Casey Overpass

Casey Overpass, Boston, MA