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The Hottest Hub Brunches; A New Burger Bar for JP

The weekly word from our foodie brethren Eater Boston, who never goes to the restroom right before the check comes.

FORT POINT—Two empty Innovation District warehouses may become home to two new restaurants, and there's a chance that Boston's most decorated chef, Barbara Lynch, may be involved. There's one on Summer and one on Congress that promises to be "the area’s first outdoor dining spot."

HUB-WIDE—Wondering where to go for brunch? Wonder no more, thanks to the updated Brunch Heat Map, a guide to the most "now" spots for a well-deserved Bloody Mary or plantain beignet.

BACK BAY—The traveling pork church that is the event known as Cochon 555 came to the Mandarin Oriental this past weekend, where the cream of Boston's chefs competed against one another equipped with one luscious, heritage breed of pig each. Chef Jamie Bissonnette was crowned the "Prince of Porc" and ice cream made with pig was served.

JP—The owner of the three-strong Ten Tables mini-empire has officially launched her latest venture, the burger bar that is Grass Fed, which opened earlier this week. In its first few days he restaurant has been swamped and is said to have changed lunch in the neighborhood forever.