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Tell Us Your Worst Home-Buying Experience (and Win Money!)

Three weeks from today, Curbed Boston will delve into the terrifying and delightful (and delightfully terrifying) world of first-time house-hunting and home-buying. We shall call it Rookie Roosts Week, and it will teem with advice, statistics, maps, starter homes and the ever-popular starter neighborhoods. And we want you to participate! Email us your worst first-time home-buying experience (you spare full names)—the winner with the worst experience of all wins a $2,500 gift card to the home store of his/her/their choice.

A bit more info on how the contest will work: All of our fell Curbed sites nationwide will collect the entries and put the best and the brightest up to a vote toward the end of Rookie Roosts Week (March 26 through March 30). The winners from that round will all face off in a massive contest hosted here on Curbed National—all voting dates and times TBD. Then—and here's the big thing—the national winner will claim their rightful $2,500 gift card.