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NIMBY or Not? Homeless Housing Fight in Jamaica Plain

There is a NIMBY-ist fight brewing in Jamaica Plain over $10 million plans to build 20 units of housing for sick and homeless people at the site of the old Barbara McInnis House on Walnut Avenue. Or is there? Walter Pollard, who has lived in the neighborhood since the 1990s and who owns a house in the area (a "painstakingly restored" nursing home, in fact), tells The Globe's Adrian Walker:

"This has been characterized as people who want to help the homeless versus people who don’t. That is patently false." He said he and his friends would gladly raise money for the house, as long as it was sited somewhere else. The housing has already gained the support of several other would-be neighbors as well as the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the Menino administration. And a Superior Court judge in January tossed a suit filed by Pollard's group, calling it speculative and unsubstantiated. The group plans to appeal.

· Diehard Neighbors Vow to Fight Homeless Housing [Globe]

Barbara Mcinnis House

461 Walnut Avenue, Boston, MA