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Arugula as Bellwether: Seaport District Adding Foodie Mart

Yesterday, more details emerged about the 300-apartment Watermark Seaport at Seaport Boulevard and Boston Wharf Road in, well, the Seaport District. The tower is part of a wave (heh) of development that will sweep in more than 1,500 rental apartments in the next several years, plus retail and other commercial space.

Now, in a sign of the types of tenants developers hope to attract, comes word that developer Young Park and restaurateur Jason Owens, a former co-owner of Local 149 in South Boston and Newton's Biltmore Bar & Grill, plan to open a food market of the ground floor of the office building at 12 Farnsworth Street. The 5,000-square-foot market, according to The Globe's Casey Ross, will sell fresh produce, beer and wine as well as other products. It's basically the sort of chi-chi thing that was inevitable in a Southie changing forever.

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New Food Market

12 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA

Watermark Seaport

Seaport Square, Boston, MA