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Mass.' Zero-Energy Buildings; Amazon in Kendall Square; More!

FENWAY—Beloved beer hall Fenway Park has been added to the National Register of Historic Places: "The listing provides additional protections for the Yawkey Way structure. The Red Sox [team stats] also stand to pick up as much as $40 million in federal historic preservation tax credits with the designation..." [Herald]
MASS-WIDE—Oh no! The commonwealth has no zero-energy buildings! Kind of! "In fact, the report also listed energy zero-capable buildings that are efficient enough to plausibly offset their energy with onsite renewables, and 'emerging cases' that are either under construction or couldn’t be verified as energy zero, but that are aiming to hit that goal. It turns out that Massachusetts buildings make both of those lists." [BostInno]
CAMBRIDGE—Scenes from Amazon's new offices in Kendall Square, the square that never sleeps. []

Fenway Park

4 Jersey Street, , MA 02215 (877) 733-7699 Visit Website

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA