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Longfellow Bridge Designs; Another Google Suitor; More!

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BOSTON/CAMBRIDGE—New designs are out from MassDOT for the Longfellow Bridge: "[T]he outbound (Boston-to-Cambridge) side of the bridge as proposed will be truly multimodal, with a single travel lane for motor vehicles, a wide buffered bike lane, and a wide sidewalk." [MassBike]
CAMBRIDGE—First Boston, now another seducer of Google from Kendall Square: "With the Cambridge City Council tabling a request by the Internet giant to expand its office in that city, [Mayor Will] Flanagan is reaching out to Google CEO Larry Page in an effort to entice him to come to Fall River." [Herald News]
CAMBRIDGE—Meet what's left of the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority: "The board that oversees redevelopment of Kendall Square and certain other areas of Cambridge has been operating for years with only three of the five members." [Chronicle]