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The 2-BR in the Waltham Street Brownstone Asking $827 a Foot

In April 2007, Boston Magazine pegged Waltham Street in the South End as the No. 1 street in the Hub. Four and a half years later, Curbed Boston readers voted the South End the No. 1 neighborhood in the Hub. Coincidence? We don't care, probably not. But we recalled both when a tipster passed along this new listing for a 2-BR, 2-BA, 845-square-foot condo in a Waltham Street brownstone dating from 1890. The condo is asking $699,000—or more than $827 a square foot. Too much? Too little? Just right. You decide. (Extra factoid: It last traded in December 2005 for $555,000.)

Poll results

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68 Waltham Street

68 Waltham Street, Boston, MA