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Seaport Developer Woos Google as Facebook Looks in Kendall

Googlegate thickens! The search engine giant, stymied in its bid to expand in Cambridge's Kendall Square, is now being aggressively wooed by Boston—and not just by City Hall. Seaport Square developer John Hynes III tells The Herald's Jessica Van Sack that the three commercial buildings there offer more than enough space for, say, a rapacious tech company. The buildings will total nearly 1.5 million square feet, and will eventually be ensconced amid new parks, restaurants, shops and apartment towers. And there will be ferries, probably, maybe, to get everyone to and fro.

Meanwhile! The head of the Kendall Square Association, a nonprofit in the business of boosting the area's business, said that Facebook is shopping for an office there, just as Amazon prepares to open one. The thing he's most worried about? A 19th-century technology. "It's critical for this district that we figure out how to properly fund and sustain the MBTA in the future," Travis McCready told The Herald. "We have 5 million more square feet in the pipeline, so naturally we're nervous about any talk of service cuts. ... If our people can't get to and from work, this entire house of cards collapses."

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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA