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Free Silver Line Service; Boston's Cast-Iron Buildings; More!

BOSTON—The Silver Line from South Station to Logan may soon be permanently free. Massport and the MBTA plan to start a three-month trial run in June. No word yet on whether it will affect the regular fare-jumpers along the route already (seriously, keep the back doors closed unless someone needs to exit!). [CBS Boston]
CAMBRIDGE—The city manager is filling up the board of the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority. Its "recent activism on the part of the authority—including a 47,000-square-foot proposed park and 'gateway' to the city at the Longfellow Bridge—has inspired councilor Minka van Beuzekom and vice mayor Denise Simmons to introduce a policy order asking [the city] to explore the City of Cambridge’s relationship with the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority and any of its current and future development projects." [Day]

BOSTON—Just enough for the city: "[Boston] has a handful of cast-iron buildings ornate enough to rival any of those in other cities. Follow a path from the North End, through downtown, and just over the channel into Fort Point to see them all." []