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Boston's Ladder District and the Temple of Boom

Toss another anecdote on the pile of proof that downtown Boston's hopping like it's never hopped in living memory: the Ladder District. Its warren of streets, particularly Temple Place, is basically Boston's answer to New York's Flatiron. It's got hip bars and hot restaurants, and lofty apartments costing several thousands of dollars a month for those who absolutely must be in stumbling distance of both. And it's popular. Per Gail Waterhouse at The Globe:

Since 2010, three restaurants have opened along Temple Place, the latest being jm Curley, a pub named after Boston’s famous mayor; more than 60 apartments have replaced office spaces on the upper floors of the street. Another nearby building, 60 Temple Place, sold for $10.2 million. And once 59 Temple is sold, it will probably have its upper floors converted into residences, local real estate specialists said.

What's powering the Ladder District is essentially the same ethos behind South Boston's changes and East Boston's would-be changes (based on South Boston's) and, for that matter, behind much of the North and South ends, though those happened before the Menino administration's latest big economic development push: the idea of young professionals who want to live and work in the thick of the city. They are willing to go in on a 965-square-foot four-bedroom for $4,000 at 37-43 Temple Place; or a two-bedroom for $2,900. Never mind the families, let's get the techies (one of whom, invariably, pops up in The Globe piece as the prototypical Ladder District resident).

We told you Boston was changing. If only L.A. would catch on.

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37 Temple Place

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