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Commonwealth's First 'Decent Building ... in 75 Years' O.K.'d

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We were so swept away by everything Fenway last week that we little noticed the Boston Redevelopment Authority's O.K. of the 55-unit condo development at 1501 Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton. The development, called Charing Cross, replaces the run-down, thankfully vacant nursing home that the city acquired in foreclosure in 2005. Four developers fought over it, and a partnership between Diamond/Sinacori and Hart Development Associates won with a $17 million plan for a four-story, 65,000-square-foot building with 37 market-rate condos and the rest affordable.

Developer Merrill H. Diamond has boasted the building will be unique for the area. “There hasn’t been a decent building that has been constructed on Commonwealth Avenue in the last 75 years or so,” he told last month. “Most of the buildings that have been built have a more contemporary style. ? This will be a signature building that will fit with the best of what’s on Commonwealth Avenue.” Bring it.

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