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South End's Trash Talk; Misremembering Mortgage Meltdown

HUB-WIDE—Broker Rona Fischman notices something about would-be borrowers with less than stellar credit: "Some people seem to have never heard of the mortgage meltdown of 2007. They show up in my practice (usually on the phone) upset and unhappy because they can’t borrow as much money as they thought they could, and the &^%*# lender wants so much documentation. They ask whether I have a reasonable lender for them to talk to." []

SOUTH END—Might the city's clean-up initiative in the Hub's No. 1 neighborhood be stymied by trash-bag requirements? The city requires black plastic bags that are 1.5 mm thick and that hold no more than 32 gallons. "At first glance, these specifications seem benign enough, but ... finding bags that meet these criteria is easier said than done. [T]he majority of trash bags found at the local supermarket are manufactured with a thickness of around .9 millimeters, and bags that meet the 1.5 millimeter specification are nearly impossible to find under 32 gallons." [Patch]
MASS-WIDE—So stay away from these six appraisers: "The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Appraisers has taken disciplinary action against the six appraisers." The actions include probation and fines. [Biz Journal]