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College Looks at Highland Park Site; Why Bostonians Walk

ROXBURY—Emmanuel College may give it the, er, old college try at St. Margaret's Convent in Highland Park: "Emmanuel would retain the property's use as a retreat center probably for its community service program. Up to 40 students would occupy the property, alcohol use and private vehicles would be prohibited at the site and a shuttle service would connect it to the Emmanuel campus." [Both Ends of Dudley via The Hub]
BOSTON—Why do Bostonians walk so much? It ain't their politics, son: "While it is certainly flattering to think that liberals’ high-minded, intellectual convictions compel them to hoof around town, I say bullshit. If you break down a few statistics and throw in a dose of raw reality, it makes perfect sense why the best walking cities sit atop the list." It's more the transit system and the city's layout. [Boston Daily]