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Might Fenway Get Its Own Flatiron Building? 23-Story Proposal

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Fenway is hot. Not the ballpark—nothing going there—but the surrounding neighborhood. We told you last week when the Red Sox opened that development in Fenway (or the Fenway for purists) was booming even by Boston's current booming standards: hundreds of new apartments and parking spaces; the first new hotel in more than a decade; thousands of square feet of commercial space; dozens of beer taps; an organic grocery store; and, perhaps most importantly, the conventional wisdom that Fenway has the potential to become—and stay—a 24-7 neighborhood.

Add one more to the proof: Samuels & Associates, the developer of Fenway's 1330 Boylston and the Trilogy apartment-and-retail buildings, has proposed another such building at the intersection of Boylston Street and Brookline Avenue, where the D'Angelo sub shop and an Ace Ticket office now stand. The 23-story building at the so-called Point would have 200 apartments, 50 condos and two floors of retail. Some residents are peeved at the scope, but zoning allows for up to about 25 stories because The Point lay at the de facto gateway to the neighborhood.

While the building is slated to be glass and terra cotta—you know the drill—some wonder aloud whether, because it is at the neighborhood's gateway, it should be designed more dramatically. Say, like the Flatiron Building in Manhattan? That 20-story triangular beaut serves as a gateway into, well, the borough's Flatiron District. Said William Richardson of the Fenway Civic Association to the Business Journal's Thomas Grillo, "I love the Flatiron Building and not that I think they should do a copy of it, but I’m getting a little tired of [the Boston Redevelopment Authority's] flat pane and enlarged glass designs."

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[The Flatiron Building in New York]

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