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Boston's Biggest Sale of '12! $12.5M for 15 Commonwealth

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Boom! The monarchical manse at 15 Commonwealth Avenue, with a provenance nearly as old as Back Bay itself, has traded for $12,500,000 in what is the biggest Boston home sale of 2012 so far. The deal closed Friday. According to a source, the 15,000-square-foot mansion, which has gone back and forth from commercial use over its history, will be a private home once again. It includes not only seven marble fireplaces, but the potential for several bedrooms and not a few studies. Indeed, the fourth of the five floors alone, as we pointed out in November 2011, offers the chance for 10 bedrooms (we've included the floorplan in the gallery above as this puppy needs to be seen to be believed).

Fifteen Commonwealth dates from the 1860s, shortly after the in-fill that became Back Bay was finished. It has undergone several renovations, the last one in 1991, and survived a brush with becoming an embalming school (seriously) in the early 1950s. It took more than 1,000 days to sell this go-round, having gone on the market in the summer of 2009, and the price was chopped gradually from $15,900,000. Still, it is the grandest get of the year that's almost half over.

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15 Commonwealth Avenue

15 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA