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Hub Housing Barometer: More Evidence It's All Boringly Normal

There is more evidence for our theory that the Hub's housing market is neither hot nor cold nor cataclysmic nor stellar, but rather merely normal and therefore susceptible to mild crests and troughs. The Globe crunches some data from Redfin and recounts:

The accompanying data by real estate firm Redfin shows how the housing market in the eastern half of Massachusetts performed over the last three years by four key measures. Two in particular are revealing. The average price per square foot for sold homes hasn’t moved much—up or down—in most communities. Some towns saw a modest increase in prices, and a few, largely the expensive highly regarded suburbs, recorded a noticeable bump. For the latest Redfin analysis of original listing prices and subsequent sales prices, click here. For the thunderclap last week about how open houses were busier and bidding wars were hotter, click here. Stay tuned for further updates.

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