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$540K in Jamaica Plain: Two Solariums From Don Draper's Day

Where: 26 Rockwood Terrace
Price: $530,000
Sale Date: March 9
Square Footage: 1,998
The Skinny: Mad Men, Mad Men, Mad Men. We get it, it was on last night—again (don't email us, tweet us, text us or IM us anything re: the plot, as jaded as we might seem; we're Tivo-ing things for reasons too myriad to explain). This JP single-family went up when the scenes at Sterling Cooper Draper supposedly went down: mid-1960s. It's got 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and—count 'em—two solariums, plus a sizable yard and vaulted ceilings, particularly in the kitchen.

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