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An Anonymous Slanderer; Cambridge's Undead Restaurant

Now the weekly word from our sister site Eater Boston, who hangs around cool bars and interesting chefs so you don't have to.

CAMBRIDGE—Restaurants come and go, but they don't often come, go, then come back in another restaurant. However that's precisely what happened with Arrow Street Crepes, which had been gone for months, only to reappear like some kind of zombie restaurant inside of Canteen, which now offers much of the old creperie's menu.
ALLSTON—Deep Ellum spin-off Lone Star Taco Bar has been open for a few months now. See what the people of Boston, professional and amateur, have been saying about it.
SOMERVILLE—Just who is this Kyle Melrose character, and why has he been trying to poison restaurant critics against newly opened establishments like The Painted Burro in Davis Square? Eater spoke with critic MC Slim JB about what it means that someone is going around spreading vicious lies about perfectly good places.
INMAN SQUARE—After over 20 years in business, Chris Schlesinger has finally sold the East Coast Grill to members of his staff, who have said they won't change much, but will be starting to offer Saturday lunch. On his way out, Schlesinger's cornbread got a shoutout from the New York Times. Yup, that's license to retire.