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Somerville's Downward-Facing Doghouse and Hub's Apt. Future

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In our not-too-distant dystopian future, when a faceless bureaucracy 10 times as monstrous as the D.M.V. dispenses precious gasoline by the thimble after days-long waits, it will pay to live near the T (and we will assume, for our purposes here, that the T will still exist). As we told you in early March, the new, 184-unit Maxwell's Green of Lowell Street in Somerville has positioned itself to capitalize on that future. Self-billed as "Somerville's newest and innovative transit-oriented residential development" it is less than a mile from the Davis Square Red Line stop and could be next to a stop someday on the extended Green Line, should our gasoline-funded overlords still spend money on public-transportation infrastructure 10 years from now.

Maxwell's Green is now open for leasing for summer move-ins. Rents range from $1,831 for some studios all the way toward $4,000 for the 3-BR townhouses. It's also got the amenities of a downtown Boston building miles away: a gym, a theater room, a club with a chef's kitchen, even a yoga studio. Perfect perhaps for the hipsters and techies (and techies who are hip) whom Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone hopes will repopulate the town.




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Maxwell's Green

Lowell Street, Somerville, MA