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Mass. Condo Sales, Prices Jump in March—the Latest Numbers

Presenting your weekly update on whether the housing market is hot or cold ... or just right. This week's installment? The latest Mass.-wide numbers from the Warren Group:

· Single-family home sales were up annually in March nearly 20 percent to 3,205.
· The median sales price for a single-family home in March sold dropped 3.3 percent annually to $260,000—the sixth straight month that monthly home prices have fallen year-over-year.
· Condo sales were up 11.4 percent annually in March to 1,189.
· Meanwhile, the median condo sales price jumped 15 percent to $265,000
· Things are getting better (for sellers and those in the industry), just not that better that quickly (except when they are).
· It's still all relative when you take the long view.

That is all for now.

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