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Southie Has Had It with All the New Small Apartments

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Objections to a proposed development on H Street in Southie turn on something we pointed out a few weeks ago: Much of this much-ballyhooed apartment development in Boston is targeted toward singletons and childless couples/empty nesters. There's little in the way of family-friendly three- or four-bedrooms; and the very fact of the small sizes of some of these new developments is celebrated by both the private developers themselves (understandably) and the Menino administration (not so understandably). See the hundreds of micro-apartments planned for Southie.

The planned development at 2 H Street may not be micro-apartments. But its 135 units, all smaller than three bedrooms, would nonetheless cater to the same young, single, family-less demographic. And Southie residents are tired of that.

They spoke up at a recent public hearing covered by Patrick Rosso of

“My concern is there are going be an additional 200 people [in the neighborhood],” said Tim Murphy, 32, a South Boston resident. “That’s a lot of people coming through where we live. We’ve all been 21 and 22, but the noise is a concern.” ... “We have to take care of the people who live here,” said Kevin Lally, 60, president of the Gate of Heaven Neighborhood Association. “Of these 135 units how many do you think people from South Boston will live in? We’re not against improvements but we want to maintain a family atmosphere.”

So now what? The Boston Redevelopment Authority is still reviewing 2 H Street, and residents have until May 23 to register further concerns. But the development is as-of-right, meaning that it's going to happen and probably with the smaller apartments. Plus, well, City Hall doesn't really have a problem with that. It's the New Boston, eh.

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